Chapter 12: University Records, Privacy, and Access to Information

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12.A General Principles

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The University of Michigan respects the privacy of its employees. Bylaw 14.07 states that the University will not release sensitive information without the consent of the individual involved unless required to do so by law. Individuals who provide information to the University are expected to provide truthful and timely information and to inform the University of any known inaccuracies in the University’s records.

In addition to University policy, several statutes address privacy of and access to University records. These include the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which governs access to all University records. See handbook section 12.B “Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)” i); the Michigan Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act, which governs access by employees to their personnel records (see handbook section 12.C Personnel Records i); the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which governs access to student records (see handbook section 12.D “Student Records/References” i); and SPG 601.11, “Privacy and the Need to Monitor and Access Records.”

Updated 2022