Chapter 12: University Records, Privacy, and Access to Information

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12.G Electronic Privacy

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The University of Michigan respects the privacy of its employees and seeks to foster a climate free from arbitrary or capricious monitoring of employees and the records they create, use, or control.

Nonetheless, the University must, at times, access records or monitor record systems that are under the control of its employees. Furthermore, because the University permits some latitude for employees to use University resources to conduct University business off-campus and to conduct personal matters at their work sites, work-related records and employees’ personal records may be located in the same place. For further discussion, including policy interpretations and interpretative guidelines, see SPG 601.11.

The University also has a policy and guidelines regarding electronic access to potentially offensive material. It attempts to balance the right of members of the University community to access whatever electronic material they need and to express themselves freely with the responsibility not to expose others to material they find offensive. (SPG 601.16) Questions about this policy can be addressed to the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel. See also the ITS web page titled “Guidelines for Implementing the Proper Use Policy of the University of Michigan: Responsible Use of Technology Resources”.