Chapter 4: Faculty Roles in Governance

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4.C Unit-Level Faculty Governance Structures

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The most immediate way by which faculty participate in the governance of the University is within appointment units. Faculty involvement in departmental, school, or college governance activities is essential to the University’s teaching, research, and service missions.

In degree-granting units, the governing faculty is in charge of the affairs of that unit, except as delegated to executive committees, if any. The governing faculty, subject to the ultimate authority of the Regents, determines the unit’s organizational structure and major operating procedures, such as departmental organization and committee structure, requirements for admission and graduation, and other educational matters, including grading regulations and class attendance. See Regents bylaws in Chapter V: The Faculties and Academic Staff, 5.01, 5.02, 5.03.

Each unit has somewhat different procedures for its operations and vehicles for faculty participation, although the same principles of faculty participation in governance apply to all academic units. Consult the departmental chair, dean, or unit head for information about that unit’s written rules and procedures for its governance and about participation opportunities. For further information about governing faculties, deans, and executive committees, see Chapter 3 “Administrative Structure.”