Chapter 3: Administrative Structure

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3.F Faculty/Governing Faculty

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The faculty at the University of Michigan includes members of the teaching and research staff; the executive officers; the directors of various teaching, research, and library units; librarians, curators, and archivists (Chapter V. The Faculties and Academic Staff bylaw 5.01). See handbook sections 5.C “Instructional Faculty: Classifications”5.D “Research Faculty”5.E “Librarians, Archivists, and Curators.”

The term “governing faculty,” when used in connection with a school, college, or degree-granting division, includes those members of the school, college, or degree-granting division who are professors, associate professors, and assistant professors, and where authorized by that unit’s bylaws, certain clinical faculty, certain research faculty, and instructors and lecturers who hold appointments of half-time or more. In the Medical School, the governing faculty is called the Executive Faculty. For more information about policies regarding voting rights in a given unit, contact the dean, department chair, or director. Management of the educational affairs of individual units is delegated to the governing faculties, executive committees, and deans of the schools and colleges, and to the directors of the University’s libraries and institutes (Chapter V. The Faculties and Academic Staff bylaws 5.01, 5.02).

For more information on faculty participation in governance, see Chapter 4 “Faculty Roles in Governance”.