Chapter 3: Administrative Structure

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3.J Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies

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The Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies is an academic and administrative unit. Graduate degree programs leading to the master’s, doctoral, and related degrees, and graduate certificates are offered by the schools and colleges on all three campuses through the agency of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. (Other University of Michigan schools and colleges offer graduate professional programs and first professional degrees.) See Chapter VI. Schools and Colleges: Program Definitions bylaw 6.02.

In its oversight of post-baccalaureate academic programs, the Graduate School and its faculty executive board have a range of responsibilities including the establishment of policies regarding graduate education, the formation of new graduate programs, and oversight of student-related services (including admissions, course approvals, academic petitions, maintenance of the student academic record, program review, and the conferral of degrees). Of special interest is the variety of resources Rackham provides to faculty. These resources include:

  • Support for faculty research projects (aimed primarily at new faculty in the early stages of their research careers)
  • Discretionary funds for faculty work
  • A faculty mentoring handbook
  • Interdisciplinary initiatives
  • Advice on questions of student academic and professional integrity
  • Advice and support with regard to international education

Faculty may also refer students to Rackham for various types of support such as, fellowships and other financial assistance, writing and other workshops, diversity initiatives, and social events; and may nominate students for Rackham teaching and dissertation awards. In addition, Rackham promotes a sense of community in graduate education by bringing people together for presentations, discussions, and debate. The dean of the Graduate School also holds the appointment of vice provost for academic affairs-graduate studies. The dean ensures that the Graduate School meets its mission and represents the interests of graduate education in the Office of the Provost, throughout the University, and in national and international venues where graduate education policy and practice are discussed and debated. Faculty oversight of the Graduate School is provided by an elected Rackham Executive Board made up of the dean, a representative from each of the two regional campuses, and 12 Ann Arbor campus faculty members.