Chapter 7: Scholarship and Research

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7.F Intellectual Property and Innovation Partnerships

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The overall objective of the technology transfer activities of the University as managed by Innovation Partnerships is to effectively pass University technologies to the market so as to generate benefits for the University, the community and the general public.
Innovation Partnerships offers a full set of services to ensure effective technology transfer that includes those below.

  • Technology transfer process
  • Patents and other legal protection
  • General start-up information
  • Options for commercialization
  • Royalties and revenue

Innovation Partnerships is located in Building 520 on the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) and offers a satellite office in the College of Engineering. Its staff includes licensing professionals, new business development consultants, attorneys and support personnel who work closely with the Division for Research Development and Administration (ORSP), the Office of the General Counsel, departments, and schools and colleges. Innovation Partnerships reports to the vice president for research.
University employees have an obligation to disclose to Innovation Partnerships any intellectual property developed or discovered as described in Regents Bylaw 3.10. Innovation Partnerships will promptly review disclosures to advise the inventor(s) of appropriate options for commercialization, as well as any other questions relating to intellectual property resulting from University research.

Additional information is available from the Innovation Partnerships website, including the University’s current policy on intellectual property.

Ownership of scholarly works, textbooks, software, and other copyrighted material created by University employees is defined in the University of Michigan Copyright Policy.