Chapter 10: Resolution of Disputes

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10.D Ombuds

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A faculty ombuds provides impartial information and informal, confidential assistance to faculty in the resolution of disputes. The role of the faculty ombuds is to facilitate the resolution of faculty problems and complaints with respect to policy administration or conflict resolution. The central faculty ombuds will maintain liaison with local ombuds in University units and at other universities.

For more information, visit the Faculty Ombuds website.

Most collegiate units on the Ann Arbor campus have a faculty ombuds who has either been appointed or elected to that position. The U-M Flint and U-M Dearborn campuses each have their own faculty ombuds. The University faculty ombuds position has also been created, whose primary function is to protect the interests and rights of faculty and unit administrators, from inconsistency, unresponsiveness, and discrimination. The position of ombuds exists to increase the probability that satisfactory and just resolutions can be reached informally. The ombuds does not replace or supersede other regular University grievance/appeal procedures but supplements and enhances them. The ombuds is not an advocate for individuals but rather encourages practices that are fair, just, and respectful. The ombuds considers the rights and interests of individuals, as well as the institution.

The Faculty Ombuds Program is coordinated by the Faculty Senate Office. For more information and the names of school, college, and campus ombuds, contact the ¬†representative in attendance at [email protected].