Chapter 18: Campus Health and Safety

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18.B General Principles

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All members of the University community are encouraged to work to achieve a safe, secure, and healthy campus climate. This includes an obligation to observe established safety principles and procedures and to promptly and accurately report unsafe conditions and suspicious activity to the Department of Public Safety & Security (DPSS) and/or other appropriate authority. Faculty and others in supervisory positions are responsible for maintaining conditions that provide for the safety, well-being and security of all those who report to them or who frequent their area and for ensuring that their students and staff are made aware of appropriate safety principles and procedures related to working conditions.

However, campus health and safety goes beyond providing personal safety and security for members of the University community. The University is committed as well to the promotion of a healthy community through a variety of services, including awareness training, educational programs, safety-oriented policies, counseling and support services, and other resources. Increased information and awareness about resolving conflicts, including harassment complaints, violence against women, and gender and diversity-related issues, are part of a growing understanding of what constitutes the “ideal human climate.” See Chapter 2, “Diversity and Nondiscrimination”Chapter 10, “Resolution of Disputes”; and Chapter 11, “Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct“.


An important resource for all members of the University community is the Annual Security Report & Annual Fire Safety Report, prepared by the DPSS with assistance from various University departments and offices. It is revised and distributed annually to all faculty, staff, and students. The Annual Security Report & Annual Fire Safety Report is also available on the Division of Public Safety & Security (DPSS) webpage. It provides information about services and resources, University policies and State laws, crime prevention tips, campus crime safety statistics, and other information.

Safety is ultimately the responsibility of the individual and his or her cooperation is essential to the improvement of security for the individual and others.