Chapter 5: Appointments

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5.L Reduction in Force/Termination

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5.L.1 Research Faculty

When a school, college, center, or institute decides that it is necessary to terminate the appointment of a research faculty member (research professor and research scientist tracks) during the term of appointment, a minimum notice of 90 calendar days is required regardless of length of service at the University. In such instances, the layoff procedures detailed in SPG 201.72 must be followed. These procedures cover reduction in the work force, transfers after notification of layoff, layoff and recall. For any such changes in employment status, the hiring unit must notify the research faculty member prior to taking any action, preferably as early as possible. This should be accompanied or followed by a written explanation. The notification is the responsibility of the administrative head of the unit in which the decision is made. In some instances, bridge funding may be available to cover temporary lapses in funded research. See handbook sections 5.M.2 “Research Professors”; and 5.M.3 “Research Scientists.”

Supplemental (adjunct or visiting) research faculty appointments are considered terminal appointments, and notice of non-reappointment is not required.

5.L.2 Librarians, Archivists, and Curators

The University endeavors to provide stable employment for all its faculty members, including librarians, archivists, and curators. However, the University may find it necessary in certain situations to reduce its faculty for an indefinite period. If so, notice of at least 90 days should be provided. Layoff and Recall of Librarians, Archivists, and Curators are governed by Article XXIX of the LEO-GLAM collective bargaining agreement.