Chapter 5: Appointments

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5.J Status of Appointments When Academic Programs are Discontinued

In the unlikely event of the discontinuance of an academic program, every effort will be made to assist in relocation and retraining of affected faculty. The recommended procedures are set forth below (bylaws 5.09 and 5.10; SPGs 201.88 and 601.02).

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5.J.1 Instructional Faculty

  • Existing procedures for notice of non-reappointment for non-tenured instructional faculty should be followed when a program is scheduled for discontinuation. The procedures are the same as those followed in the case of non- reappointment for any other reason.
  • For Lecturers covered by a collective bargaining agreement, consult with the appropriate appointing unit and Academic Human Resources ( resources)
  • The maintenance of tenured faculty and of essential instructional and supporting services remains the highest priority of the University. If, however, at some future time, it should become necessary to release tenured faculty members within a program to be discontinued, every effort will be made to place tenured instructional faculty members in other suitable positions. This could include retraining if a reasonable period of retraining of the affected faculty member would qualify him or her for another position within the University.
  • In cases where it is not possible to continue the appointment of a tenured faculty member, see the procedures listed in Chapter V. The Faculties and Academic Staff for further clarification.

5.J.2 Other Faculty

Existing procedures for reduction in the workforce will be followed for non-instructional faculty who are affected by the decision to close a program. See section 5.L “Reduction in Force/Termination.”