Chapter 6: Tenure

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6.J Tenure: Campus Location

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All of the foregoing principles, policies and procedures relating to tenure are applicable in all schools, colleges, and departments on all campuses. An instructional faculty member’s tenure is specific to the campus (Ann Arbor, UM- Dearborn, UM-Flint), school/college, and where applicable, department in which it is granted. Any subsequent changes affecting the location of the instructional faculty member’s tenure appointment must be agreed to in writing by the University and the tenured instructional faculty member. The Regents’ communication establishing the appointment delineates the title and location of tenure (i.e., department, unit, and campus) that correspond to that appointment.

In any case in which the position of the instructional faculty member with tenure has been eliminated or has been removed from the jurisdiction of the University, the University will make reasonable efforts to place the faculty member in a comparable position elsewhere in the University. See SPG 601.02 and handbook section 5.J “Status of Appointments When Academic Programs are Discontinued.”