Chapter 21: Additional Resources

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21.E Buildings

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The Campus Information Centers (CIC) provide an online building search searchable by building name, department name, item, address, or campus zip code. For each building, the website provides directions and also departments, vendors, rooms, and other items located there.

There are four main facilities on the Ann Arbor campus that offer services to the entire University community: the Michigan League, the Michigan Union, Palmer Commons, and Pierpont Commons.

  • Michigan League Originally built in 1929 as a union for female students, today the Michigan League comprises a hotel facility, conference area, food service areas, the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, a gift shop, and study areas. Michigan League’s goal is to provide a gracious and welcoming setting for all members of the University community. It is located at 911 North University, phone: 764-0446.
  • Michigan Union When the Michigan Union was established in 1904, its founders sought to provide “a place for meals and snacks, for reading and talking, for organization and committee meetings, for billiards and games, for dancing and assemblies.” Today, the union is a resource for the entire U-M community, with a broad array of facilities, programs, and services. Located at 530 South State Street, the building includes a food court, bookstore, meeting rooms, billiards and games room, Campus Information Center, student organization offices, meeting space, and the University Club.  See also section 21.H.3 “Michigan Union Offices”.
  • Palmer Commons Completed in 2004, Palmer Commons is a 100,000-square foot multifunctional facility located in the Life Sciences Complex. Positioned at the pedestrian bridge connecting medical and central campuses, Palmer Commons provides a location for all members of the University to make connections for meals, meetings, and events. This conference center includes meeting rooms, an auditorium, restaurants, and catering services. Palmer Commons is located at 100 Washtenaw Avenue.
  • Pierpont Commons The Pierpont Commons provides cultural, social, and intellectual programming; educational opportunities; food services; leisure time and recreational opportunities; services and agencies responsive to campus needs; student development programs; student leadership development and programs and opportunities; and student employment. Resources include a Campus Information Center, food court and dining room, conference and meeting rooms, bookstore, ATM machines, and a café. It is located at 2101 Bonisteel Boulevard on north campus.