Chapter 21: Additional Resources

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21.W University of Michigan Press

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The University of Michigan Press annually publishes about 170 new titles. These are predominantly scholarly books, although the Press also actively publishes books for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, a broad range of textbooks for English as a Second Language, and regional titles for a popular audience. In addition, the Press publishes some digital publications, both on CD and networked.

The Press publishes work from scholars throughout the world and welcomes proposals from Michigan faculty. The Press’s academic publishing serves the disciplines of anthropology, classics, economics, German and medieval history, law, literary criticism, political science, performance studies, and gender studies. In the regional list, natural history is emphasized.

The Press markets its publications internationally, using a team of commissioned sales representatives to reach bookstores throughout the USA and Canada, Britain, and Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Japan and other markets in Asia. Direct mail, advertising, review copies, and exhibits at major academic meetings are used to inform individual scholars and libraries of the Press’s publications.