Chapter 21: Additional Resources

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21.V Transportation

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21.W.1 Airport Transportation

A variety of shuttle, taxi, and car services provide transportation to Detroit Metro Airport. Online searches will yield current information.

21.W.2 Bicycles

Bicycles are a popular means of transportation around campus and there are many bike stands to accommodate parking.

To comply with city and University ordinances, bicycles must be registered with the City of Ann Arbor through the city clerk’s office, which can be accomplished in the ways described below . Registering your bike is important – if your bike is stolen and then recovered, the city will have the necessary information.

To assist U-M students, faculty and staff with the registration process, officers from the University Police Department (UMPD) register bicycles at no charge (UMPD pays the fee) at a few campus events at the beginning of each fall term . To learn of times and locations, watch for announcements, check the UMPD website <>.

For more information, including bike maps and renting bike lockers, which are available at the medical campus and Wolverine Tower, see “Bicycling in Ann Arbor,” on the website of the U-M’s Department of Parking and Transportation Services: <>.

21.W.3 Buses

University of Michigan Transit Services

University of Michigan buses are free to all faculty, staff and students on campus. Bus routes include Commuter, Northwood (Weekly and Weekend), the U-M Medical Campus intercampus, and other routes. No identification is needed to ride on the buses. For more information routes and schedules, see <>.

Mride – Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AAATA) Bus Service

All active University of Michigan-Ann Arbor faculty, staff, temporaries and students can ride any Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AAATA) fixed-route bus service at any time of day, any day of the week without paying a fare by presenting their valid MCard Id (white or yellow) to the bus driver.  This benefit is a result of an agreement between the U-M and AAATA.

For current route maps and schedules, including service to Wolverine Tower, Chelsea MI, and Dexter MI,  visit the AAATA website.

21.W.4 Parking

As in most university communities, parking on campus is at a premium. A color-coded parking system is used in all University lots and structures. Four tiers of parking permits <> are available at a progressively lower cost, reflecting the proximity of the parking locations to core campus areas.

To purchase a parking permit, newly hired faculty or those returning from a leave of absence must verify their eligibility by presenting a completed Parking Request Form that the appropriate administrator has signed. University retirees may purchase a special parking permit that authorizes parking in certain lots and structures. Proof of retirement status must be presented.
For more information, including parking maps and access to the Parking Request Form (see Forms), visit the Parking & Transportation Services website <>.

AATA Park ‘N’ Ride Program

This program allows people to park for free all day (Monday through Friday) at one of the Park & Ride lots and ride the Ride downtown from five parking locations. Park ‘N Ride lots are the State Street Commuter Lot/U-M Tennis Center Lot, Pioneer High School Lot, Miller Road Lot, Maple Village Shopping Center Lot, and Green Road Lot. Bus schedules are available from the AATA website <> and from the U-M Parking & Transportation Services office.

21.W.5 Transportation at Night and Other Special Transit Services

Both the University of Michigan and the City of Ann Arbor offer evening transportation services and other special transit services to assist faculty, students, and staff in remaining safe and secure. Some of the transit services described below are provided to meet special needs or to fill in the gaps between regular service hours.

S.A.F.E.WALK/Night Van

A campus accompaniment service that functions as an alternative to walking alone on campus at night. Coordinated by staff at the Division of Public Safety & Security (DPSS), S.A.F.E.WALK/Night Van is free of charge and available to all members of the University community.
During the fall and winter semesters, the service is provided daily from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Just request a van to transport you to your Destination.  An employee from U-M Transportation Services will come to your campus location and drive you to your requested location (within a one-mile driving radius of Central and North campuses). During non-service hours, DPSS will identify alternative service providers.

State Street Ride

Service from any U-M building to the South State Street Commuter (Park and Ride) lot after buses have concluded daily service. To request a ride, phone Yellow Cab directly. The service is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Night Ride/Holiday Ride (AAATA)

Night Ride is a late-night, shared-ride taxi service that provides round-the-clock, public transportation within Ann Arbor. Also available on all major Holidays. All Night Ride trips must be scheduled by phone reservation.

Ride Home

Free shared-ride taxi service for students, faculty and staff to their residence hall, parked vehicle or local residence. Available after University transit buses and shuttles have concluded daily service.


Scheduled door-to-door service for disabled students, faculty and staff. To register for the rides, all applicants must contact Services for Students with Disabilities.

Emergency Ride Home

Provides free cab rides in emergency situations for faculty, staff, students and temporaries who use alternative parking (van poolers, bus commuters, bicyclists, walkers, etc.) or off-site parking locations. Use of the program is limited to six times per permit year. To request a ride, call the Department of Public Safety’s non-emergency number. (Underwritten by Parking & Transportation Services.)

21.W.6 Other Transportation Options

The U-M Parking & Transportation Services website provides information about the options noted below:

Car Pools

Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to car pool with others. While Parking and Transportation Services does not require car pools to identify themselves, the office asks that faculty and staff register their car pools to allow the Parking Services office to communicate with pool members.
Those seeking to form a car pool might consider the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority Mi RideShare, a free, publicly funded commuter service that informs people about less expensive and environmentally friendly commuting alternatives and Ann Arbor Transportation Authority’s Guarenteed Ride Home program for poolers

VanPool Program

The University supports ridesharing through this employer sponsored vanpooling program by paying the monthly fee for participating faculty and staff and providing each vanpool with a designated parking space on campus. The vanpool rider’s only expense is sharing the fuel costs associated with running the van.

Faculty, staff, and students who are ineligible for the U-M VanPool program or who live in areas not served by established van pools might consider the services of MichiVan <>, a private provider of commuter vanpool transportation services, with which AATA is a partner.

Daily Parking

‘Daily’ Blue parking is available for faculty and staff who do not possess an annual parking option but occasionally need to bring their vehicles to campus.