Chapter 21: Additional Resources

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21.S Publications

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The University Record is published on Mondays for faculty and staff of the University of Michigan by News Service. The current issue and links to archival issues are available on-line. The University Record seeks to increase understanding within the University, to recognize accomplishments, to report on progress and issues, and to inform faculty and staff about changes in state and federal policies that could affect the University. Copies are available at distribution boxes at more than 80 campus locations and by subscription.

Michigan Today, a publication for Michigan alumni and friends, is published three times a year by News Service. Michigan Today is designed to entertain and educate, to keep readers in touch with the intellectual life of the University, and to reinforce identity with and support for the institution. Issues are distributed at more than 80 campus locations and mailed to approximately 350,000 alumni and friends. The current issue and links to archival issues are available on-line at the Michigan Today website..

The Michigan Daily is published weekdays during the academic year and weekly during the spring and summer terms by University of Michigan students. The Michigan Daily is a member of the Associated Press and the Associated Collegiate Press. Distributed at many campus locations, The Michigan Daily also is available by subscription, by contacting The Michigan Daily news desk.

Many of the University’s schools, colleges, and departments also have their own publications that address issues of interest to their constituencies.  The partner campuses at U-M Dearborn and U-M Flint also have their own publications:

  • At U-M Dearborn, The Reporter, for faculty and staff, is published every two weeks during the academic year, and The Legacy, for alumni, is published twice a year. The U-M Dearborn student newspaper is The Michigan Journal.
  • At U-M Flint, Currents is published monthly for faculty and staff. The UM-Flint alumni publication, Bridges, is published three times a year. The student newspaper at the UM-Flint is The Michigan Times.

See also section 21.B.1 “Alumni Association”.