Chapter 21: Additional Resources

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21.F Banks and Credit Unions

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Ann Arbor is home to numerous banks and credit unions. See the Campus Information Centers website for a hyperlinked list.

The University has established a partnership with TCF Bank through the Mcard Program that offers a unique set of benefits to all Mcard holders. For more information, see the Mcard website at <> or section 15.N “Mcards”.

The University of Michigan Credit Union (UMCU) and DFCU Financial are non-profit cooperatives serving only their memberships. Membership in the UMCU is open to active and retired employees, students, and alumni of the University and their immediate families, and to numerous other membership groups, see <>. Although according to DFCU Financial’s community charter, it’s open to people who reside, work, worship, or are enrolled in post high school educational facilities in the 68 counties of the lower peninsula of Michigan, membership is open to everyone. Those who don’t qualify for membership under the aforementioned criteria can contact DFCU Financial.