Chapter 9: Faculty as Representatives of the University/Service

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9.D Faculty Statements

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In some circumstances it may be important to clarify whether faculty members’ statements represent official University policy or their own. For example, a faculty member running for public office or commenting as a citizen on public affairs would want to make it clear that the opinions expressed are personal and not offered as the official position or policy of the University of Michigan. On the other hand, a faculty member who has been asked by the Regents or the president to represent the University at academic ceremonies or other occasions would be authorized to speak on behalf of the institution within the parameters of the occasion.

When deciding about the appropriateness of commenting on a situation as a representative of the University, good sources of advice are faculty mentors, department chairs, deans, and staff in the Office of the Vice President for Government Relations at 763-5554 and the Office of the Vice President for Communications at 763-5800. See also section 9.G “Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment.”