Chapter 9: Faculty as Representatives of the University/Service

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9.L Use of the University Seal, University Wordmark, Block M, and Other Logos

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University Seal

The University of Michigan Seal is generally reserved for presidential and Regental uses.

University Wordmark

The U-M wordmark is the mark used on stationery, business cards, and letterhead. Units may also use the wordmark on other print materials such as brochures, newsletters, bulletins, and ads. The wordmark was designed for flexibility, and can be used with names of U-M schools, college, and units with no loss of brand identity.

Block M

The Block M logo may be used for official University business without seeking approval for use.
More information about usage of these University logos is available in a set of Identity Guidelines provided by the Office of the Vice President for Communications (see Registered marks). Also, for usage and required approvals, see the Permissions Guide.

For all commercial use of logos on merchandise sold for profit, approval is required from the Trademark Licensing Department, [email protected].