Chapter 9: Faculty as Representatives of the University/Service

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9.M Compliance in Health Care

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The compliance program at UMHS reflects its commitment to maintain the highest ethical standards and to comply with all applicable laws, policies, rules and regulations. Detailed information about UMHS’s compliance program is available online. The website provides detailed information about various areas of compliance at UMHS, including a compilation of the many laws, regulations, policies and procedures required of the U-M as a public institution and of the UMHS as a health care institution. The site also lists contact information for compliance officers, provides links to relevant policies and procedures, and describes educational requirements for members of the UMHS workforce.

Of particular importance for U-M health care providers are federal and state laws concerning false claims and false statements. Detailed information about these laws and related institutional policies designed to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse is available through the Medical School’s “Code of Conduct and Compliance Program”. These laws prohibit the U-M from making false claims or false statements to secure federal or state support, require the U-M to educate its workforce to promote compliance, impose various monitoring and enforcement obligations, and provide protection to individuals who come forward to advise the U-M of problems.